Hey! Yes, it's 1 week before Christmas, but hey, Christmas is SUPPOSED to be fun. But, because I'm stuck with tnese horrible parents, Christmas ISN'T fun. So anyway, I just broke up from school and Bailey was round. I put the Simpsons on because there wasn't anything else on, and straight away Mum says "You can do the dishwasher in a minute" and that's where it all started. Why cant they do it themselves? I mean, I'm 11, not 48! So when I went out and did it, Dad was sitting on the sofa, smirking. There was a tray in the dishwasher so I tried to put it away but I couldn't. I PUT it down, so she said Bailey's asleep. She thought that I had THREW it so I said I didn't know how loud it would be. She then said "It's metal, what do you think". To me, that's just plain horrible. I was hoping I could eat a KFC (which I havent done in a long time) but that's not going to happen. Obviously. So once I finished, I went straight upstairs and Dad was still smirking. I then said that he was lazy because during the time that I was emptying the dishwasher he was just sitting there, watching TV. So he could have done the work, but obviously he is too lazy. I explained how he could have done it. That means, basically, just because I was extremely helpful doing the dishwasher, I cant have anyone round for one of the most important yearly weeks of my stupid life. I want to die. Seriously. So I am now laying on my bed typing this episode up. And you know what? All this stress has made me really sleepy. Can't parents just chillax around the festive period?


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