Today I went to Tesco's (Yiewsley) with Mum because of Teacher Training at school. Later in the day, Finn came round my house! Finn is my best friend! At first, Finn played Angry Birds on my Android Tablet and, lets put it this way, Finn wasn't bad, but I'm better! Anyway, Now, me and Finn are both on my Bunk Bed, and I'm typing stuff up and Finn's on my Android Tablet. Anyway, don't forget to save this website as a Favourite! Now Finn is 'Hilariously' snoring. Finn is snoring like mad now and doing Tellytubby shows and everything. So, me and Finn just had Pizza and Darylea Dunkers and Finn's telling me about The Regular Show. Later, me and my new best friend had some Carté D'oh (I mean D'or) (If that's how you spell it) and Believe me, it was LOVELY!!!!!


Telugu Movie
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