Today I woke up bright and early around 7:00 and my first thought was: Right. Last night there was a MOTH in my room, so it would probably be best if I got straight out of bed. Then I remembered - Today's the day! Today is Lukasz's sleepover party! I then immediately got out of bed and started packing. Later I went to school, which was BORING (As usual). So, what did we do at school? Well, at 9:30 we practiced our Pirates Of The Curry Bean show for an hour. I did the music and the sound effects and guess what? Steven's a pirate! Besides, he only says about 2 lines in the whole play. On the script, (I don't have one) it says the show should last about an hour and a half. Well, I can tell you now, in rehersals, half of it was 42 minutes or something like that. In the afternoon, we made hats for the Lumbago people in the show.


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